Who we are

Dr. Bernard is a friendly wellness centre dedicated to a new vision of health and wellbeing. Overlooking the Ocean on Costa da Caparica, the centre is located 15 minutes drive from central Lisbon.

A word from the founder

Gregory Bernard

Dr. Bernard is a friendly beach restaurant, a surf center and a wellness platform. We aim at sharing a vision of health, sustainability and wellbeing.
We believe a healthy lifestyle is fun, love-full, and guilt free.

Our vision is simple: healthy food and activities, good friends, dedicated trainers and therapists. These are the good ingredients to start a new healthy life.

We have clean ocean, hot sun, and breathtaking view: Costa da Caparica is the promise land !

@dr.bernard.caparica most of our food and drinks are organic and locally sourced. We are vegan friendly but open to every diet.
We are sports fans but ready for parties and lazy naps.
We are not trying to be perfect, we are trying to get better every day.

We are proposing activities from surf to yoga, pilates, gym, biking, cross training, and more.
You can practice them one by one or all together in our retreat programs!
Our signature offer is ONE HEALTHY DAY : a day retreat with the best of Dr Bernard food and activities.

Why« DrBernard»?

Dr Bernard opened on April 8th 2018.
On that day my dad, Dr. Jean Antoine Bernard celebrated his 80th birthday at the restaurant. My dad is a surgeon and a strong believer in hard science and scientific medicine.

Holistic practice, traditional medicine and natural medicine are my inspiration.

Dr Bernard is named after my dad to remind me of this impossible challenge : trying to convince him that health is not just about diagnosis, treatments and surgery.

I believe health is a balance of mind and body that erases stress and fear from our lives.
This balance gives our metabolism the capacity to cure, sustain and optimise the powerful forces of our circulation systems : Blood flow, digestion, breathing, nervous system, immune system, glands, hormones, sex, muscles and bones.

This balance is based on how we FEED : our senses, our body, our mind, our thoughts, our heart. What we hear, see, smell, feel or taste … And how we move.
We can take control of our motion, our breathing, our food, our information, our energy and our love.

Surf, Yoga and healthy food are a great start.
They teach patience and mindfulness, the mother of all virtues. Fun is best with peace of mind.

We try at Dr Bernard to create a space where your senses are fed with these simple objectives Holistic natural food, awakening motion, can keep you healthy, happy and tonic for a long and exciting life.

If I can convince my dad : Can I convince ANYBODY?