Dr. Bernard presents a fusion cuisine with the best ingredients.
We believe that the food that we eat should have a therapeutic effect, combined with joy and fun.
Chef Pedro Abril introduces you to a menu that fuses Tex Mex flavors with the best local and sustainable Portuguese ingredients.
At the weekend, you also have the option of Brunch and you cannot miss our themed events that take place daily.
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At Palms we create experiences that help connect local surfers with tourists looking for a relaxed and fresh beach environment just 15 minutes from Lisbon.
Palms has an urban beach vibe similar to New York's Rockaway Beach and Los Angeles' Venice Beach.
An open and safe space that is a potent cocktail of good food and innovative events that welcomes everything and everyone.
We can guarantee that you will find the best waves to surf and the best food in the south of Lisbon.
Restaurant Palms Closed
Reopen in March


Gregory Bernard is passionate about Costa da Caparica and is investing in a project that reflects the potential of this little paradise and creating a community.
After the Dr. Bernard restaurant and the Palms, on the Caparica promenade, the concept crossed the river and came to the capital, but with the same purpose: to bring people closer to the beach and surfing 'good life' and direct them to the South Bank of the river.
Thus was born Dr. Bernard Boa Vida at Rua dos Poços Negros,119, in Lisbon.
Chef Leonor Godinho, who worked at Musa, now joins the project and signs the menu of Dr. Bernard Boa Vida.
The concept maintains the essence of Dr. Bernard: good food, comfort options that transmit well-being and pleasure.
Leonor provides the sophistication of a signature cuisine (using, whenever possible, local producers), Gregory ensures the decoration and does not let forget the simple and sharing base.
After all, what good is a good dish without good company? For this reason, the space also integrates cultural, musical and artistic components, similar to what happens in Caparica.
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